A new player enters the game~

posted 2 weeks ago

Hey chickadees! Anyone know any nice sites that print stickers, I’d like to start selling them on my storenvy :3c

Toad side and top view!

Toad the Black Moor Dragon!!

And the mixed bag!
Boxy, Zoe and Kaiju Blue

All of my birbs!
Baby, Buddy, Beatrix, Sparrow and Peaches!

Life drawing this week! Watercolours are a tricky medium for life drawing ;;

ughughugh. Painting cross legged on the floor with a parrot constantly nibbling on my face/ stylus… not the best art sesh. But I’ve had this idea in my head for awhile and whilst it’s painfully unrefined and blatantly abuses filters/ brushes it is on… paper! I will definitely revisit this one. Orca dragons have been my muse as of late.

I’m making pasta tonight! So Noodle Limb appreciation post.

Old concept of my Blue tongue, his nickname is Hoodiebeast :3